A New AI Program Reads Childrens' Emotions

A scary development for the best of intentions | 2/17/2021

CNN reports: Before the pandemic, Ka Tim Chu, teacher and vice principal of Hong Kong's True Light College, looked at his students' faces to gauge how they were responding to classwork. Now, with most of his lessons online, technology is helping Chu to read the room. An AI-powered learning platform monitors his students' emotions as they study at home.

What do you think about that? Assuming that the teacher can see student faces on the screen anyway, is it really necessary? Maybe working on better communication skills, having a teacher aide also on the call to look more closely at the students, and using a larger monitor would be a better idea?

I think we all can guess that this idea can and will be exploited in a variety of ways. Many tech pundits are remarking on the ways that rapid assessment of this type could be seen as almost akin to mind reading. 

What do you think?
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