It's Time to Dump Your Old Tech!!

A noble 2021 resolution is to stop hoarding your technological past. | 1/31/2021

Regardless of your generation, it’s likely that you have a growing collection of drawers and boxes of old tech that becomes a material millstone.

So, let’s do something about it!

The New Year is an opportunity to lighten your tech junk load. If you want to keep your first boom box, ok. But what about that pile of discarded earbuds, and the radio that won’t switch on? And broken cameras and yellowed 1950s TV cords and bags of wires and power adaptors? It’s time to say goodbye.

Maybe you have items that belonged to your parents and grandparents. Maybe you are just a kid and already collecting smaller tech that still turns into a pile. No matter, if you don't need it, get rid of it!

Here is a presentation I prepared for a club near me. Give it some thought.

Tell you what. If you shed something and later want it again for nostalgic reasons, you can find it on eBay!!